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Upcoming Events

  1. 2018 Pastor’s Appreciation Month

    October 1 - October 31
  2. AHOW All Night of Prayer – Revival is Here

    October 26 @ 9:00 pm - 3:00 am
  3. Sonnie Badu @ AHOW-NIGHT OF WORSHIP 2018

    October 27 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


As a child of God, I am fully convinced that God's plan for me is in geometric progression. Therefore I am going from faith to faith, from strength to strength, and from glory to glory. God places before me an open door which no man can close. I therefore declare, my eyes are opened and my steps are ordered, and I am stepping into my next level.

1. We value PEOPLE because people matter to God and therefore to us. Hence in AHOW everyone is important, every member matters.

2. We value OUR COMMUNITY because we are a city on the hill that cannot be hidden. Hence we seek to be a solution center to the needy and less-privileged in our community.

3. We value DIVERSITY because heaven is diverse. Hence we want to see a church where people, regardless of their race and culture, worship, grow, serve, and live as a community of faith.

4. We value EXCELLENCE because excellence honors God and inspires people. That is why we seek give our best to God in everything we do.

5. We value GOD'S PRESENCE because it makes everything else meaningful. Hence prayer and worship are key components of our church life.