Purpose Statement:

Agape House Children's Ministry exists to help our children to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, grow up as members of God's family and learn to live a life of service to God.


Children are a very important part of Agape House of Worship. We believe that Children need to be encouraged, loved and nurtured in the Word of God. It is our goal as a ministry to support parents in bringing their children up in the "training and instruction of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:1-4). We believe children have something to offer the church as a whole and so we strive to show them that they are very important to God and us.


Our Curriculum:

The Children's Ministry teaches and instructs the children using bible-based curriculum that incorporates both large group interaction and small group interaction style of teaching. The children get immersed in fun memorable experiences and also discuss practical bible principles that they can apply to their every day life. Our children have fun while learning about Christ in a safe environment. We use creative and innovative ways to minister to the needs of children at their level of understanding thus equipping them to become children of Purpose, Power and Praise.



Our Teachers:

God has blessed us with dedicated teachers, who are truly committed to nurturing the spiritual needs and well being of each child in their classes. We also have wonderful adult volunteers, who love children and enjoy working with them through a great sense of understanding and patience.


Our Classes:

Our classes are age based and we utilize interactive bible based curriculum for our lessons. Our teachers teach the word of God in a practical and age appropriate way so each child can learn about God at their various age groups. Below is the breakdown of our children’s ministry classes.

Children’s Ministry Classes


Beginners Club:

is our toddler class for children ages 2-3 years.

We recognize children in this age group are very active, they love to play and have limited vocabulary, therefore children in this age group are taught bible lessons through simple bible memories, picture illustrations, music, class room activities and crafts. The teacher to child ratio in this class is 1 teacher to 5 children.



Explorers Club:

is the class for our pre-school age children, these are children age 4-5 years.

Preschoolers are very energetic, love to talk, love to explore and imagine, they also have a short attention span. Our preschoolers learn how to pray, they are taught bible lesson through bible stories, bible memory verses, music, crafts and various activities that brings the bible lesson to life.



Pathfinders Club:

is the class for our younger elementary students, these are the children 6-7 years.

Younger elementary students are very energetic and very inquisitive. Teachers in this class help the children to find their path to their Lord and savior Jesus Christ through the various bible lessons that they teach and other practical ways of bringing each lesson to life.



Navigators Club:

is the class for middle elementary students, these are the children 8-9 years.

The middle elementary students are also very energetic and inquisitive. Teachers in this class help the children to navigate their way to get know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, the one who loves and cares so much for them through the various bible lessons they teach and practical everyday life examples they share with them.



Discovery Club:

is the class for our older elementary student, which is the preteens, children ages 10-11 years.

The preteens are also very inquisitive and adventurous. This is the age where children begin to understand some abstract things about God, they are taught to discover how the Scripture applies to their lives. Preteens are shown how to practice the principles of what they learn in God’s word. The preteens are taught how to engage in outreach efforts and how to share their faith with friends and family.



A Call To Serve:

As the church continues to grow, the Children's Ministry needs teachers and volunteers to build up our team. When we invest in our children's spiritual life, we are investing in the future generation. As teachers, we find it very rewarding to see and watch our children grow spiritually beyond their years, and able to use biblical principles they have learned as a moral compass to guide and protect them throughout everyday life.


Are you willing to touch the life of these little ones?


To join the children's ministry you need to:

  • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
  • Complete membership class A101
  • Complete a background check
  • Have a passion for children
  • Be gentle, understanding and patient with children
  • Be creative and organized
  • Have a willing heart and dedication to God's work
  • Be ready to work as a team
  • Attend our monthly ministry meeting which holds every second Sunday after service