Christ as the Ark (Part 3)

ark of the covenant

Christ as the Ark (Part 3)

Kingdom Dynamics Weekly (KDW) March 2, 2020 By Tunde Olugboji Vol 20:08


As we continue our series on the Ark of the Covenant, this week, we’ll consider some lessons we can learn from the death of Uzzah in one of the extra-ordinary events related to the Ark.

At the beginning of his reign over a unified Israel, King David appointed men to bring the Ark to Israel and the King and all the house of Israel played music before the Lord, using all kinds of instruments, including fir wood, harps, stringed instruments, tambourines,  and cymbals. On the way to Zion, Uzzah and Abinadab drove the cart that carried the Ark, and at one point, Uzzah, perhaps instinctively put out his hand to steady the Ark when the oxen stumbled. For his efforts, he was struck dead by God (2 Sam 6:8).

Nachon’s threshing floor was where Uzzah was smitten for putting forth his hand to steady the ark, and it was later known as “Perezuzzah.” Ordinarily, what Uzzah did was what most of us would do, try to help out, but there are situations when trying to help out could get us into trouble because touching the Ark was strictly forbidden as the Bible made abundantly clear: regarding the transporting of the Ark, “they shall not touch any holy thing lest they die.” (Num 4:15).

So, Uzzah’s momentary decision to discountenance God’s command and do what seemed right to him was not right, illustrating the fact that even decisions made in a moment or instinctively matter before God. It is not only decisions we take after having time to think through them that matter to our father in heaven. All decisions do, and we should always weigh our action against the Word of God.

Uzzah’s error was more than just a reflex action or instinct, God struck him because his action was based upon a critical error in thinking:

• Uzzah erred in thinking it didn’t matter who carried the ark.

• Uzzah erred in thinking it didn’t matter how the ark was carried.

• Uzzah erred in thinking he knew all about the ark because it was in his father’s house for so long.

• Uzzah erred in thinking that God couldn’t take care of the ark of himself.

• Uzzah erred in thinking that the ground of Nachon’s threshing floor was less holy than his own hand.

It appears Uzzah did not see any difference between the Ark and any other valuable article. His intention to help was good, but there was a profound insensibility to the awful sacredness of the Ark, on which even its Levitical bearers were forbidden to lay hands. Although David wanted Israel to know and perhaps witness the power and presence of God, but the Lord showed up not in the way anyone would have wanted.

Do you know that even good intention is no panacea for an unthoughtful or a downrightly rebellious action? How many times have we done things instinctively without thinking them through and got into trouble? Unfortunately, Uzzah didn’t live to right his wrong.

Can you declare this week, as we begin a brand new month: Lord, I come against any spirit of error in my life. Help me to consider your words and your ways in big and small decisions. I will not go the way of Uzzah in Jesus name.

Have a great week.; @DynamicsKingdom

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