Christ as the Ark (Part 5 of 5)

Christ as the Ark (Part 5 of 5)

Kingdom Dynamics Weekly (KDW) March 9, 2020 By Tunde Olugboji Vol 20:09


As we conclude the series on the Ark of the Covenant, we witnessed the jubilant scenes as David brought the Ark to the City of David. David was aware that God’s presence, as symbolized by the Ark, is always a source of joy (Psa 16:11). He explained to the Levites that it was because they did not bring up the Ark the 1st time in the prescribed way that God was angry with them, and that they did not check with God how to properly do it (1 Chro 15:13). And as soon as they got their worship in the proper order, there was a massive turn around.

As they brought the Ark back home, Michal, David’s wife looked through a window and saw King David leaping and whirling before the Lord and despised him in her heart. Apparently, she didn’t recognize the value, to God, of David’s boisterous worship. She felt it wasn’t dignified for a very important personality, the powerful King of a whole nation to express his emotions unashamedly before God.

Do you know that there are some people who, when they see you dancing and praising God exuberantly, would consider you an eccentric, old-fashioned, obstinate, absurd, even showy person? What your friends may not know is that the depth of your praise is often proportional to the depth of the slimy pit from which God pulled you (Psa 40:2). You may criticize me for worshipping loudly, you may condemn me for my extravagant worship,  but if you saw where God brought me out from you will understand why I worship loudly, and you will praise God for me.

Maybe I was in a situation where the devil tried to destroy me, or set me and my household on fire; but I managed to get out by the skin of my teeth, excuse me if I praise God and danced in my front garden and shouted in my back yard because I can still smell the smoke. If not for the goodness of God, the enemy would be rejoicing over my misfortune (Psa 86:17).

Michal thought David acted as if he were just another worshipper in Israel, worshipping in a manner unbefitting of a mighty king. But David didn’t let Michal’s criticism ruin his day. He simply proclaimed the truth: It was before the Lord (2 Sam 6:21). It was like saying ‘Michal, I did it for God, not for you, you don’t really matter in this situation.’

David didn’t dance to show others how spiritual he was, whatever Michal’s opinion of him might be. The Bible says Michal had no children to the day of her death (2 Sam 6:23), but her barrenness may not necessarily be the result of divine judgment. It may be that David never had marital relations with her again. Nevertheless, the principle stands: there is often barrenness in the life and ministry of the overly critical.

Our key takeaway this week is that worship should be at the heart of all we do, not just an outward demonstration. It involves us surrendering our lives, it is putting our focus on God, it involves ‘getting out of the way,’ and personal sacrifice. The Bible says after David had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the Lord and worshiped (2 Sam 12:20).

Even in this season of COVID-19, shouldn’t worshipping be our lifestyle? COVID-19 is a transient phenomenon, our God lives forevermore and will deliver us from this pestilent!

Have a great week.; @DynamicsKingdom

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