Daniel’s Determination (Part 2)

Daniel’s Determination (Part 2)

Kingdom Dynamics Weekly (KDW) January 13, 2020 By Tunde Olugboji Vol 20:02

Last week we started a series on Daniel and this week, we will discuss the importance of acknowledging God in putting your gifts and talents to use, using the example of Daniel, who was famous and astute  for doing things for other people, but who needed help getting stuff done for himself at some point.

One of Daniel’s foremost gifts is understanding visions and dreams (Dan 1:17). When Daniel had an opportunity to interpret a troubling dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, he enlisted the prayer support of the three Jewish friends who had been taken with him into captivity. The outcome? In a striking display of God’s power, Daniel revealed to the King the meaning of his dream (Dan 2:27). Even beyond this, Daniel continued to decode crazy and troubling dreams for the King (Dan 4:24) and his son (Dan 5:24-30).

But when Daniel has his own intriguing vision in Dan 7: 1-14, he didn’t have a clue what it meant, so he asked someone else to interpret his vision for him. “I, Daniel, was troubled in spirit, and the visions that passed through my mind disturbed me. I approached one of those standing there and asked him the meaning of all this.” (Dan 7:15-16) Granted, it was someone in his vision—perhaps an angel—but we have a situation of Daniel’s vision being interpreted by someone other than Daniel.

A friend of mine recently told me how for some reason people with relationship issues —maybe with their spouses or their family members — would approach him to seek wisdom in sorting out their issues. He said he was very surprised that he was able to offer words of encouragement that people said genuinely helped them, while at the same time he himself was having big relationship issues he couldn’t resolve on his own. You don’t have to get it all together before God can use you.

I remember several years ago when I was in between jobs and I was desperate for a fresh opportunity. With some training and experience as a job coach, friends and acquaintances often approach me for help in reviewing their resume and generally providing coaching support as they seek new jobs. At this particular time, a friend, Jim asked me to review his resume and cover letter, which I did.

Jim got the job, but he decided he wanted to change job six months later and we went through the same process and he got his second job. Looked like I was the man with a Midas touch. Not quite. While I was able to help Jim, I couldn’t help myself, I was on the job market for over a year getting interviews but no offer. Doesn’t that remind you of Daniel’s situation?

The key lessons here are two-fold: 1) Your gifts and talents are expression of God’s love for you and they are sometimes meant to help others 2) You have to rely on God, the giver of your gift, not on your gift.

When the Lord decided to open the door of a new job for me, it was so massive that it was worth the wait. Even Jim couldn’t believe it.

Do you know the gifts God has given you? Or are you one of those believers who think they have no gifts? Pray that God will show you what your gifts are and that you’ll be able to operate in such gifts.

Ask God this week to help you keep your gaze on him and rely completely on his timing and not on your gifts or talents.

Have a great week.

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