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Those against you may be your kith and kin.

In an account that has come to be widely known as the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), Jesus told the story of two sons, their father, an inheritance frittered away, and a brother incensed over a party.

The younger son requested his share of his inheritance from their father, who acceded to his request.  Flush with cash, the son took off on a revelry, splashing the cash and carousing with women of easy virtues, far away from his home. Having wasted his inheritance, famine hit his newfound location, and he had to get a job as a pig farm assistant. He was so broke and hungry that he longed to eat what the pigs were being fed, but no one offered him even that.

Things came to a head, he came into his senses, and decided to head back home to beg his father for a position as one of his slaves, knowing that at least hunger would no longer be his issue as his father’s slaves had more than enough to eat. But when he got home, his father was so happy that his lost son was now found, restored him to sonship and enthusiastically threw a party for him.

Not understanding how kingdom blessing flows, his senior brother was unhappy that their father chose to kill a fattened calf in his honor.

Be aware that many people will not understand that the depth of your celebration is often a reflection of you past deprivation. When you are praising God with reckless abandon, dancing in an undignified fashion like David, onlookers, unaware of what the Lord had taken you through, would be wondering, what is he thinking, why is she rejoicing so much? The younger son returned home to realize that there is nothing more devastating than coming to a time of celebration only to discover that those who you think should be dancing and rejoicing with you are warring against you, especially when you’ve gone through some trauma, made mistakes, been dragged through the mud, cast into the pit, but somehow God lifted you up.

His brother was livid that dad was throwing a party for his brother with the flawed character, not knowing that you can have a great testimony only when you’ve gone through a testing period; you will only truly appreciate prosperity after going through a period of poverty, and victory after a battle.

However, not everyone will be happy to celebrate with you. Like the older son, people who are against you may be your kin, kith or brethren and the pain of knowing that those you will like to celebrate with are not happy to celebrate with you can contaminate the intensity of your celebration.

The older son was incensed, enraged and cynical. People become cynical and envious when they miss their moment, not wanting you to enjoy yours. They often resort to minimizing you, believing that minimizing you will somehow maximize them.

But this week, be determined to be celebrated, declare in the name of Jesus, that the plot of friends and enemies alike seeking to bring you down instead of asking God to lift them up will turn out to be like that of Ahithophel, it will become null and void and of no effect. Even though you have made mistakes in the past, God’s mercies and grace are more than enough to take you to the next level.

Have a great week.

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