Out of the Mouth of Babes

Out of the mouth of babes…the case for prophesying kids by Ade Adedeji

Wait! Kids and prophesying in the same sentence? Do you mean children can prophesy? For real?
And my response is a resounding Yes! Late 2017 I was growing in the prophetic calling and naturally very excited for what God would do next. So I was really trusting God for greater frequency and diversity of prophetic expression within our church community- Agape House of Worship. Yet when the Lord’s answer came, it really surprised me! Infact when I heard that we should start training children in the prophetic, I immediately brushed aside the thought until the Holy Spirit rebuked me saying “have I not declared that out of the mouth of babes and infants I have ordained praise?” With that rebuke so sharp, I immediately took responsibility, apologized to God and submitted myself to achieve God’s stated purpose.
So began the process of collaborating with our Potter’s House (children’s) ministry to establish what we call KPS (Kid’s Prophetic School) in 2018 and we are currently undergoing our second class. We have been blessed to watch children between the ages of 6-12 learn that prayer is a conversation with God which must involve both sides speaking and listening. If we believe that God listens when we pray then our faith must propel us to also listen for what he would say when we pray. As a true father, God wants to develop a communicative relationship with all of His children. Our prophetic experience is built on that foundation and this foundation then enables us to be used as channel through whom God speaks to people around us.


Our kids have been so great…they’ve embraced the prophetic eagerly and it is such a joy to fellowship with them every Sunday. For instance they are now better at contextualizing the various gifts of the Spirit and their individual prophetic expressions. Some have discussed encountering God in their dreams including ones where they visited Heaven. Others have talked about receiving visions or mental pictures through which God shared something special with them.
We provide them scriptural and practical context to be able process prophetic or supernatural encounters they may have. This is very critical since God himself in Joel 2:28 has said that in this generation, He is pouring out His spirit upon all people and that SONS AND DAUGHTERS WILL PROPHESY. Our lead Pastor, Pastor Jide Lawore (PJ) always says that our children are not the church of tomorrow but rather, they are as much a part of the church today as the adults are. To that extent if God is stirring up the gift of prophecy in the congregation, it should not be a surprise that God is looping in the children whether the adults like it or not.
Our KPS kids have been given a framework which can help them process a prophetic word whenever they receive for themselves or for others. They should do the following:
• Write it down and/or tell their parents or one of the prophetic teachers
• Pray about it – especially if the prophetic word appears to be unclear
• Tell the recipient person about the prophetic word (in the presence of parents or your prophetic teachers)
• Have faith that the prophetic word will happen
• Take practical steps of faith to demonstrate you believe what God has said
Finally I leave you with these famous parting words…“if we train these children in the way they ought to go, they will not depart from it when they grow older.” (Proverbs 22:6)
What spiritual gift would you like to see your child develop? What actions are you taking to discover their God-designated spiritual gifts?

Reach out to us to learn more about our Kids Prophetic School at Agape? Send an email to: Ade.Adedeji@agapehousenj.org

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