Thriving During COVID-19 – Knowing the Ways of God

Thriving During COVID-19 – Knowing the Ways of God

“He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel:” – Psalm 103:7

Knowing a few facts about someone is not the same as truly knowing the person. For example, we all know a few things about our favorite preachers, singers, or actors, but that kind of knowledge is different from the people who live with them. If a friend you know relatively well were to come and live with you for several months, you would discover his or her ways—that is, habits, preferences, attitudes, and priorities.

When Scripture speaks of God’s ways, it is referring to much more than His actions or facts about His nature. His ‘ways’ include His manner, motivations, desires, thoughts, and purposes. One of the reasons many believers often become discouraged, especially in times of trouble, is that they do not understand what God is doing in their life. That is why it is essential to learn how the Lord operates. As long as we remain ignorant of His ways as revealed in His Word, we won’t trust or know Him intimately.

This knowledge is the difference between Moses and the people of Israelite. Though the Israelite experience so much of God’s power, they never ventured to know the ways of God. Interestingly, the reason God shows us His acts is to invite us into an experience with Him. Ultimately His goal is for us to desire an intimate relationship with Him and pursue it. He wants us to seek His face, not just His hands.
Jesus answered told the crowd of people followed Him after He fed the five thousand, “Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.” (John 6:26). What an indictment! They missed the whole point of the miracle of multiplying the bread. The miracle of the bread is a sign. Signs are not the end in themselves; they are there to direct you to a destination.

Do you want to know the ways of God? Then you must seek Him. You must go beyond just enjoying His deeds (which are His blessings, answered prayer, healings, deliverance, etc.) His deeds are an invitation for you to desire to know Him more. When you accept that invitation, you begin a loving, intimate relationship with Him that leads to knowing His manner, motivations, desires, thoughts, and purposes. When you know His ways, challenges do not move you or destabilize you. You are driven by his purpose, not by your circumstance. You are positioned for victory in every circumstance of life.

Let us defeat COVID-19 by staying CALM, SAFE, CLEAN, and SANCTIFIED!

Pastor Jide Lawore
Lead Pastor, Agape House of Worship

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