Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be the church where everyone is welcomed and inspired to be and to do their best for God to be glorified.

Our Vision

It is a vision of a place where the poor, the oppressed, the depressed, the weak, the hurting will come and find love, warmth and comfort, help, hope, forgiveness and rest for their souls.

It is a vision of a place where thousands will be won to the Lord through conventional and unconventional means.

It is a vision of a place where believers will be enlightened, empowered and challenged to spiritual maturity through all-round impartation knowledge of God and His word.

It is a vision of a place where believers will be equipped for ministry by helping them to discover their gift and talents and their place in ministry.

It is a vision of a place where leaders and influencers in every sphere of life will be born made, positioned and anointed for their God-given role in the society.

It is vision of a place where every member will matter and every opinion will count and every voice will be heard. A place where every member is a minister.

It is a vision of a place where people will be equipped and enabled to do together what they cannot do alone.

It is a vision of a church that will join all other churches of the world in supporting and advancing the great commission. 

Our Values

Agape House is a church with strong values. Our Values determine who we are. Our Values determine our uniqueness. Our values determine why we do many of the things we do. Here is the list of our core values:

We value Excellence because it honors God and inspires people. Our God is a God of excellence as it reflects in His works and creation. Therefore, every one in Agape House strives to do what they do no matter how small with a touch of excellence.Psalms 19: 3

We value Creativity – which is having the ability or power to create. We believe human beings are creative beings because we are created in the image of the creative God. This is especially true for born again believers. Creativity brings out the best in us.

We value Teamwork because we believe two are better that one and church ministry can only be done effectively and efficiently as a team. In a team everyone’s contribution in important. Ecl.4: 9, Mat.18: 19

We value Individual Dignity because we believe everyone is important, every member matters, every opinion counts. We value respect for individuals, regardless of their age or background. Every member of Agape is valuable and deserves to be honored and respected. I Peter 2: 7

We value Relevance because that is the only way to meet people’s need. The gospel is still relevant today and therefore our presentation of it should be meaningful and practical (though not necessarily acceptable) to our society. We want people to obtain on Sundays what they can use on Mondays. I Cor.9: 19-22

We value Diversity because heaven is diverse. We want to see our church develop where people, regardless of their background will worship, grow, serve, and reach out as a community of faith. Gal.3: 28, Col.3: 11

We value Hospitality –which is cordial and generous reception of or disposition toward guests or strangers. We believe being sensitive to the need our guests makes it easier for us to present the gospel to them. Heb.13: 2

We value Loving Relationships – because it creates an atmosphere where people can truly care for each other in practical ways. We believe when people feel loved life’s pressures and challenges become easier for them to bear. I John 3: 18

We value Prayer because Prayer makes the power of God available in everything we do. We believe many other things can be done after prayer but nothing should be done without prayer. James 5: 16

We value Fun because a fun-filled environment makes the most difficult task easy. We believe A God thing should be a fun thing. We can love God, serve people and have fun doing it. Psalm 16: 11